17 communities in Berkshire County have been awarded Firefighter Safety Equipment Grants to be used to purchase equipment. The grant money will enable fire departments in the county to purchase a variety of equipment that will make firefighters' jobs safer.

This is the second year that funding has been awarded for this purpose as part of a $25 million bond bill. Among the grant recipients: Pittsfield will receive just over $20,000, North Adams is getting $19,000, and Great Barrington is receiving more than $15,000.  


(Pictured above: Pittsfield Fire Department, Engine #2 - Photo via PFD Facebook)

Here are the communities in Berkshire County that are receiving money (alphabetic):

The Adams Fire District: $15,399.24

Cheshire: $4,212.18

Clarksburg: $10,483.60

Florida: $10,500.00

Great Barrington: $15,498.00

Lee: $15,500.00

Lenox: $7,005.94

Monterey: $10,500.00

New Ashford: $10,500.00

North Adams: $19,000.00

New Marlborough: $10,500.00

Otis: $10,500.00

Peru: $10,182.00

Pittsfield: $20,075.40

Richmond: $10,290.00

Sheffield: $5,492.44

West Stockbridge: $6,071.00


(Pictured above: North Adams Department - Photo via NAFD Facebook)

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What can the money be used for?

According to the Baker/Polito Administration, there are 118 different types of eligible equipment, including personal protective clothing, gear washers and dryers, thermal imaging cameras, assorted hand tools and extrication equipment, communications resources, hazardous gas meters, fitness equipment, and more.

Great Barrington FD Facebook
Great Barrington FD Facebook

(Pictured above: Pair of Great Barrington Fire Department Trucks- Photo via GBFD Facebook)

Cheshire Fire Dept. Facebook
Cheshire Fire Dept. Facebook

(Pictured above: Cheshire Fire Department Engine - Photo via Cheshire FD Facebook)

Sheffield Volunteer Hose Co. Facebook
Sheffield Volunteer Hose Co. Facebook

(Pictured above: Sheffield Fire Department Truck - Photo via  Sheffield FD Facebook)

Dave Lennon
Dave Lennon

(Pictured above: Adams Fire Department, Tower #4 - Photo via Adams FD Facebook)

attachment-West Stockbridge Fire D

(Pictured above: West Stockbridge Fire Department, Engine #1 - Photo via West Stockbridge FD Facebook)


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