Week 3 of hydrant flushing continues Monday the 18th in Pittsfield.  Water flushing is an important part of general maintenance of a municipality’s water distribution system.

The flushing ensures an adequate water flow is available to the fire department in case of fire, as well as residents and local businesses.  It also helps clear iron and mineral deposits from water mains which helps maintain water clarity and quality.

During flushing in your area, you could experience discolored water and reduced water pressure.  Residents that experience discolored water should let the water run for a short period of time.  If you continue to have discolored or a water pressure issue you should contact the Water Department at 499-9339.

Here are the scheduled areas to be flushed during the 3rd week of maintenance.

  • Several locations along Park Street, King Street and Onota Street near Von Nida Street, Walnut Street, West Housatonic Street, Fort Hill Avenue, South Street, and Velma Avenue.
  • All of West Housatonic Street from South Street to Callahan Drive and all neighborhood streets in-between (i.e. Boylston Street, Cadwell Road, Lebanon Avenue and Cole Avenue).
  • West Street from Park Square continuing to Fort Hill Avenue and all neighborhood streets in-between.
  • Several locations along Center Street, Valentine Road, Pecks Road, Thomas Island, Upper North Street, outer Wahconah Street, Lakeway Drive, and Linden Street.
  • Hancock Road starting at North Street intersection which would include the Highland and Ridge avenue neighborhood.

You may want to let your dog know that their favorite hydrant may not be accessible and to sniff for other options.


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