Heat can cause a number of problems with items left in your car.  Getting in my car today I realized how true that is.  After a number of days with temps above 90, I found the Canada Dry Seltzer that I never ended up drinking this week had exploded all over my front seat.  All I could think about was what if I had been driving at the time.

The top of the can did not just spring a little leak…it exploded ripping 80% of the top off the can right off.  I’ve been told many times by my fiancee’ not to leave unopened cans in my car.  I guess going public with this story I had better come clean to her and speak those painful words…” you were right.”

Not only should you not leave unopened cans in your car during the summer, or even winter months, but there are a number of items that can cause havoc to your car’s interior and your safety.

With the current pandemic most of us are now carrying hand sanitizer with us wherever we go.  I have a small bottle in my cup holder.  It is possible that the alcohol content in the sanitizer could start a fire.  The chances may be slim but the heat could cause the alcohol to evaporate rendering the active ingredient that fights bacteria less effective.

Other bottled products such as wine should also spend very little time in a car.  Not only can the heat cause the wine’s cork to pop, a wine’s temperature should never drop to below 78 degrees.  The heat will cause important components to start breaking down.

Other items you should not leave in your car includes; hairspray, make-up, disposable lighters, and food to mention a few.

Of course, never leave your baby, kid, grandma, or dog in a hot car...ever!

Stay safe out there and drink that beverage before science has its way with it.

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