ok, this all started back in 2020 there was an announcement made, by a guy named David Klein who was the founder of Jelly Belly.
He is getting ready to retire and he wants to give away one of his candy factories, no it is not the Jelly Belly, While David Klein founded their company, he sold hispart 40 years ago and owns a different candy company, called Spectrum Confections.

Klein decided to make giving away the candy factory like a Willy Wonka Style contest. So what he did was go to all 50 states and hid a special necklace in each state.

For $50 at TheGoldTicket.com, you can get a ticket to a scavenger hunt for the necklace in your state. And if you find it, you get $5,000 plus you're entered in the grand prize drawing, where one of the 50 winners will get the candy factory.

Over the past year, 35,000 people were solving riddles and searching for golden tickets in all 50 states. Each initial ticket came with a $5,000 prize.

The grand prize winner was 39-year-old Andrew Maas from Colorado. He found the winning golden ticket buried under a bridge in Kokomo, Indiana. so that makes him the new owner of a 4,000-square-foot plant that makes Sandy Candy and other treats.

There is only one problem the guy who found the golden tag doesn't want it, he says he is not in a position to move his family to Florida, he also said that he was in the search just for the thrill of the hunt. Klein is still giving him the factory, but will then buy it back from him.

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