It will take a little longer than expected to see the second Cannabis dispensary open its doors in Lanesborough. Back in December of 2021, The Lanesborough Planning Board unanimously approved the construction of a new building on 660 Cheshire Road, Construction of the new building will follow the demolition of the current structure, which used to be Arizona Pizza.

cannabis oil cbd

for operating and manufacturing for Royal Hemp LLC, which is in the process of constructing a new building on its property.

Lev Kelman, the owner of 660 Cheshire Road, said at Monday's board meeting that he expects construction to begin soon but wanted a 24-month extension in case of delays. Kelman is one of only two licenses allowed by town bylaws. Kelman said due to the shortages of people, the shortages of equipment, and the shortages of materials, Kelman is hoping to have things in high gear by October.

What will the products be at the new place?

They are producing organic, vegan, gluten, soy, nut, free, cannabis-infused chocolate, cream, and drinks.

Kelman said,
They are also the cleanest healthiest edibles on a market! All of them are uniquely tasty and healthy. The business is also green and recyclable:

Cocoa is Rainforest Alliance Certified and we use Organic Cannabis and recyclable packaging. We are using an extraction method that does not use any solvents and is free of chemicals.

Our product lines will include hemp and CBD products. We cannot be a green society without hemp. One acre of hemp produces as many as four acres of trees. In order to grow hemp, we don't need to use pesticides.

The next Select Board is Aug. 22.

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