It's National Chili Day, Berkshire County! February 24th is the day to celebrate that absolutely delicious stew made with ground beef(or turkey) and chilies. You can enjoy it with or without beans and the spiciness/heat level of your personal preference.

My question to you, Berkshire County, do you have a favorite place to go for a bowl of chili here in Western Mass.? Or do you prefer to make it in your own kitchen? Me? I love chili so much that I'll often eat the Hormel-out-of-a-can variety, but I would still dress it up with something.

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Granted, I was spoiled when it came to chili growing up. My late father went to college in Austin, Texas(Hook 'em Horns!) and he would insist on one particular kind of chili. Does anybody else remember Wick Fowler's Famous Texas Style 2 Alarm Chili? You can still find it around here in the Northeast, but it's not easy. Man oh man, I LOVE that stuff!

Many, many years ago, my go-to place for chili in Berkshire County was Rossi's in Lee. Something about their chili was just awesome! Maybe it was because they served up the chili the way I like it, topped with shredded cheddar and slivered onions. Sadly, Rossi's is now just a memory.

Believe it or not(and their name is just a coincidence), Chili's in Berkshire Crossing serves up some mighty fine chili. I've eaten there four times, each time I ordered the chili, and each time it was superb.

Some people's favorite "chili" can only be found on hot dogs here in Berkshire County. You'll find just as many fans for the chili, or meat sauce, at The Hot Dog Ranch, Teo's, and Jack's Hot Dogs. (I'm not gonna lie to you, I love all three of them, and for different reasons...).

Other places where I've had excellent chili in the past: Patrick's Pub, The Lantern, Freight Yard Pub, and Ozzie's Steak and Eggs. I've also heard that both Proprietor's Lodge and Marketplace Cafe have some phenomenal chili, but I've not actually tried those. I may have to SOON.

And then there are those that absolutely swear by the chili at Wendy's. Yeah, it's tasty. What about you, Berkshire County? When it comes to chili, what's your favorite?

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