What ever happened to full-service gas stations? some people may not even remember them, but those who do Ahhh what memories they bring back. You did not have to pump your own gas but that was not all a full service gas station, they cleaned your windows,checked your oil, also made sure you had water in you radiator.

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The Price of gas was great!
Year Gasoline Price
1957 0.30
1958 0.31
1959 0.30
1960 0.31

The oil crisis back in the 70s was the end for the full-service gas station. Oil companies figured that customers wanted to pump their own gas in exchange for saving a few pennies. Pretty soon, the attendants were no longer needed. Also, the process of getting gas at a full service station took about 10-15 minutes, which people think is way too slow in today's high paced, impatient world.

It is really sad, I do remember as a small child going to the all-service station in the 70s. Interestingly, all stations in Oregon and New Jersey are considered full service because it's against the law in those two states for customers to pump their own gas.

Supposedly there is one super full-service gas station left in the US, in Wilmette Illinois. We here in the Berkshires have a gas station that still does pump your gas!

Do you remember full-service gas stations? What kinds of freebies did you make out with? I remember getting a dino the dinosaur back in the early '70s!

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