In an article posted to the Berkshire Eagle website, jury trails in Mass will not resume until September.  Quoting a release by the Supreme Judicial Court, a jury will not be seated until at least September 8th.  Civil bench and in-person criminal trails are on hold until July 1st.

Courts continue to hold emergency and non-emergency business in criminal and civil cases virtually.  Currently courthouses are closed to the public until July 1st.

The Berkshire Eagle printed a statement from Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice Ralph Gants…"The court system is open and conducting business virtually, with Trial Court departments increasingly addressing non-emergency matters that can be handled remotely." Gants statement continued…"We will physically open courthouses to the public only when we are confident that we have protocols in place that will allow court users and court personnel to both be safe and feel safe, and even then we will open only in stages, focusing first on those matters that can only be addressed in person."

With the unpredictability of the coronavirus, all dates are subject to change.


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