Looks Like Lanesborough will be getting its second Cannabis dispensary. The Lanesborough Planning Board unanimously approved the construction of a new building on 660 Cheshire Road, Construction of the new building will follow the demolition of the current structure, which used to be Arizona Pizza.

Brent White, of White Engineering Inc., represented Royal Hemp LLC, and presented the plans for the project. He said the original plan was to reuse the existing structure, but this was deemed infeasible. which will house a cannabis dispensary.

Linked in shows that Lev Kelman is the Founder CEO Royal Hemp LLC at Royal Hemp LLC. And what they are about.

ABOUT: We are producing organic, vegan, gluten, soy, nut, free, cannabis-infused chocolate, cream, and drinks. We are the cleanest healthiest edibles on a market! All of them are uniquely tasty and healthy. We are also green and recyclable: Cocoa is Rainforest Alliance Certified and we use Organic Cannabis and recyclable packaging. We are using an extraction method that does not use any solvents and is free of chemicals. Our product lines will include hemp and CBD products. We cannot be a green society without hemp. One acre of hemp produces as much as four acres of trees. In order to grow hemp, we don't need to use pesticides.

The board approved plans for the 3600 square foot building, with the only condition being the color scheme gets approved by the board once it is determined. Planning Board member Joe Trybus said the condition regarding the color scheme of the building is to avoid any out-of-place colors or loud colors.

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