Governor Charlie Baker’s state-wide mask order takes effect today(11/6). The revised order requires everyone over the age of five to wear masks in all public places even where they are able to maintain six feet of distance.

From a story reported on by WWLP/22 News, this mandate comes after the state’s COVID-19 related hospitalizations have more than doubled over the past two months.

According to the order, public places include any place open to the public such as grocery stores, retail stores, public transportation, public streets, and any location that hosts indoor or outdoor performances.

Also, if a customer refuses to wear a mask for non-medical purposes, the business can decline entry to that person.

When it comes to enforcement, the order says it is up to local boards of health to enforce the order with the optional assistance of police if necessary.

The revised order still allows for an exception for residents who cannot wear a face-covering due to a medical or disabling condition. But it allows employers and schools with in-person learning to require proof of such a condition.

Face coverings are encouraged but not required for children aged two to five.

For more on the story, please visit WWLP's website here.

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