Following the riot that broke out yesterday in Washington DC the Massachusetts State Police released a statement on the department’s Facebook page reassuring Massachusetts residents that they are prepared for any contingencies that may arise in the state. In the FB post the State Police stated that protesters can express their right to demonstrate provided they do so peacefully.

The Mass State Police are being proactive.  The riot at the Capital was front and center but according to news reports there were protests outside Trump Tower in NYC and Chicago, 200 protesters stormed the Statehouse in Kansas and the grounds of the Governors mansion was breached in Washington State last night.

According to officials 52 people were arrested yesterday in Washington.  Five were arrested for alleged possession of prohibited weapon charges and 47 were arrested on curfew and unlawful entry charges.  Four deaths were reported in connection with the riot.  A female Trump supporter and QAnon conspiracy believer was shot inside the Capital building during the initial charge into the building and later died.  Three others passed due to what officials labeled as medical emergencies.

The complete post by the Mass State Police is below…

Massachusetts State Police

The Massachusetts State Police continue to monitor developments related to protest activity in Washington D.C. as well as potential demonstrations in our state, and will be prepared to ensure that any protestors in our areas of jurisdiction are able to freely express their right to demonstrate provided they do so peacefully and with respect for the rights, safety, and property of others. At this time we are not aware of any expectation of violence in Massachusetts tonight; we continue to monitor developments and will be prepared for any contingencies. We will provide updates as necessary.

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