We've been having a great summer in Berkshire County so far with plenty of festivals, concerts, sporting events, and more. It appears that more than ever, Berkshire residents are just looking to get out and have some fun. As we all know we still have COVID-19 variants in the background trying to hamper our fun but many of us are getting through it and not letting it get us down. Personally, I'm still being on the cautious side as my daughter won't be fully vaccinated until mid-August. I know some folks here in the Berkshires who are eligible aren't ready to get the latest booster yet because of all of the unknowns with recent and possible future variants. It's all a personal choice, no preaching required.

Whatever Your View is on Boosters, Masking, Social Distancing and COVID-19 in General, There are Still Some Locations in Massachusetts Where Wearing a Mask is Required

According to a June 10 update from mass.gov both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in Massachusetts are still required to wear masks in the following locations:

  • On transportation provided by the Commonwealth’s Human Service Transportation (HST) Brokerage.
  • Healthcare facilities (As of July 1, masks became optional for residents in rest homes and nursing homes)
  • Certain Health Care and Day Services and Programs operated, licensed, certified, regulated, or funded by the Commonwealth including the Executive Office of Health and Human Services or one of its agencies. These settings include adult day health, day habilitation.
  • Home Health Care Workers
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Some of the items from the list get a bit lengthy and you can view the complete details for each description by going here.

We'll see if any of these mask requirements change or become stricter in other areas as time goes on and sub-variants become more or less prevalent. In the meantime, the best we can do is be mindful, respectful of others, and practice good safety measures.

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