The Massachusetts State Police last week, during a traffic stop, seized a large cache of drugs, marijuana, and money. This bust however was a bit more disturbing than the usual haul, specifically because of what was actually confiscated.

Marijuana candies could have easily been eaten by children...

While out on the road, members of the Massachusetts State Police conducted a motor vehicle stop for which the operator had a warrant out against him. After the driver was taken into custody troopers conducted a search of the vehicle.

During the search, a lot of the usual stuff was found. They discovered that stowed in the vehicle were unprescribed Xanax, Adderall, and Nolaxone Tabs. Additionally during inventory Troopers located 2.3 pounds of flower marijuana. However, what was really bothersome is that they also found multiple edible marijuana candies.


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The candies had brand names that kids might find appealing. There were Skittles, Wonka Bars, and several other candies that kids might easily have grabbed and eaten if someone left them out. These candies did have an indication on them that they contained marijuana, but a small child wouldn't necessarily have noticed that before throwing back a handful of the laced Skittles and tasting the rainbow.


State Police Association of Massachusetts
State Police Association of Massachusetts

(Above: pills, marijuana, marijuana candies, cash, and other drug paraphernalia)


The Wonka Bars (pictured above) certainly did not contain a golden ticket... well at least not the kind of golden ticket that Charlie was hoping to find to gain entry to the chocolate factory.

Police also seized scales, other distribution-related materials, and $3,640 in cash.


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