Shortly after 3 a.m. yesterday, Jan 16, Trooper Ryan Crumbaker, assigned to Massachusetts State Police barracks in Milton, was patrolling Blue Hill Ave in Boston when he observed a gray BMW being operated at a high rate of speed before passing through a red traffic signal. Trooper Crumbaker caught up to the vehicle and stopped it at the intersection of McLellan Street.

After stopping the vehicle, Trooper Crumbaker identified the operator as Michael Williams, 31, of Boston, and informed him why he was stopped. Trooper Crumbaker returned to his cruiser to conduct an electronic inquiry of Williams’ information and determined he was not properly licensed to be operating a vehicle in Massachusetts. Trooper Crumbaker also observed Williams as the target of a warning from the Boston Regional Intelligence Center that he may illegally be in possession of firearms.
Trooper Crumbaker returned to the vehicle and removed Williams from the driver’s seat, at which point he quickly observed a firearm on the floorboard of the vehicle in plain view. Williams is not licensed to carry firearms. Trooper Crumbaker attempted to place Williams under arrest, however, Williams fled the scene and led the Trooper on a foot pursuit. This foot pursuit led to a multi-agency search of the area lasting several hours.
Williams was eventually located and placed under arrest then transported to State Police-Milton for booking. A search of Williams’ vehicle yielded a Glock 17 pistol, loaded with 18 rounds of ammunition, that had modifications allowing the pistol to fire fully automatic. Troopers also located an AR-15 style rifle loaded with 30 rounds of ammunition along with over one pound of marijuana. During the booking process, Troopers also located numerous brand new credit cards in Williams’ wallet that did not bear his name.
Williams was ordered to be held for court without bail and was scheduled for arraignment at Dorchester District Court on the following charges: Failure to Stop, Speeding, Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Illegal Possession of a Firearm, two counts, Possession of a Large Capacity Feeding Device, two counts, Possession of Ammunition without FID Card, Carrying a Loaded Firearm, Improper Storage of Large Capacity Firearm, Illegal Possession of Assault Weapon, Illegal Possession of Machine Gun, Resisting Arrest, Trespassing, Possession of Counterfeit Credit Cards, Possession of a Class D Substance with Intent to Distribute.

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