For some, sushi is definitely an acquired taste. Some people absolutely love it. Others, not so much. Personally, I think sushi is amazing and will have some any chance I get. With the Berkshires being home to more than a few sushi spots, you have to wonder what the most popular sushi is throughout Massachusetts.

According to a report recently put out by Shane Co. (yes, that's the jewelry company), they listed what the most popular sushi is in each state. The research was done by compiling information from publications such as 'Ranker', 'Mashed', and Google trends.

As it turns out, there was an overwhelming amount of states that picked a particular type of sushi as their favorite. It is probably the most common favorite if you randomly ask someone you know too. California Roll was the most popular sushi throughout 21 states. No other type of sushi even comes close to that number in terms of popularity.

However, California Roll was certainly not the pick for the Bay State. In Massachusetts, we went something a little different from the norm. In fact, only two other states picked this particular sushi as their favorite as well. In Massachusetts, Sweet Potato Roll is our pick for the most popular sushi. In case you have never had Sweet Potato Roll, here's a few glimpses of what you might be in for...

New York and Ohio were the only other two states that agreed with Massachusetts on their most popular sushi. Other options were Veggie Roll, Rainbow Roll, Dragon Roll, Philadelphia Roll, Spicy Crab Roll, and Shrimp Tempura Roll.

In case you're wondering how to make Sweet Potato Roll, there's several different ways so long as you have Roasted Sweet Potatoes, sushi rice, and a choice of other vegetables.

Regardless of whatever is your favorite sushi, enjoy it, Massachusetts!

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