A safety Alert from the MCLA Campus Police & North Adams Police Dept.

It has been reported that in the overnight hours on Wednesday 10/21 and early Thursday morning 10-22, a number of unlocked vehicles had items stolen from them.  These vehicles were parked on Davenport, Bond, and Corinth Streets in addition to four vehicles belonging to students that were parked in the. townhouse lots.

If you have any information regarding these incidents, please contact the North Adams Police Dept at 413-664-4945 or the MCLA Campus Police extension 5100 from any campus phone or 412-662-5100 from your cell or campus phone.

This incident serves as a reminder to make sure that you lock your vehicle, remove anything of value from the vehicle, residents are reminded to lock your doors and ground floor windows, and for everyone to practice safe behavior such as staying alert, stay in groups, and contacting the MCLA Police to accompany you if you are feeling unsafe or dial 911 if you feel you are in an emergency situation.

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The MCLA Police Department would like to remind everyone of some easy tips to prevent your vehicle from being broken into!

Take an extra minute to follow these simple tips and vastly reduce your chances of being a victim.   As always, the Campus police if you need them they are here for you.

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Press release from MCLA Campus Police

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