For the first time since last November MGM Springfield will not have to lock the doors at 9:30 as 24-hour-a-day gambling is once again allowed in the Bay State. According to an article at, the reduction in hours has been in place since November when the state imposed a curfew of 9:30pm to try to reduce the spread of COVID-19. The casino and other entertainment entities could not open again before 8am. posted a quote from a statement issued Thursday by the president of MGM Resorts International’s Northeast Group, Chris Kelly… “MGM Springfield returns to 24 hour operations today and it feels like a step toward a level of normalcy,” he said. “We appreciate everyone having done their part to slow the rise in COVID-19 cases, and we will continue to be vigilant with our health and safety protocols. We are happy to welcome back some team members today, and as the capacity restriction is eased and additional amenities reopen, such as the hotel and Tap, our hope is to welcome back even more.”

Between the total shut down in March and the November curfew, the casino was forced to furlough or layoff hundreds and hundreds of employees. It is unknown how many employees will be back to work with around the clock operation allowed once again at the casino.

In May of last year MGM Resorts International released a Seven-Point-Safety Plan they implemented when they reopened the casino.
The seven steps plan includes;
1- Screening, Temperature Checks and Employee Training.
2- Mandatory Masks and Personal Protective Equipment
3- Physical Distancing
4- Handwashing and Sanitization
5- Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Controls and Air Quality
6- Incident Response Protocols
7- Digital Innovations

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