Everyone who has children knows how expensive school supplies let alone new outfits are for the start of the school season. It makes you think twice about having designated uniforms for the kids, and how are you going to get all those school supplies?

Other schools like the ones my kids went to in Florida, had a policy of uniforms that were certain colors like khaki pants and green shirts, which in the summer months were t-shirts of the school's color ( it is generally warm in Florida). The Uniforms made it easy to buy and were not an expensive policy.

School supplies are another story, especially if you have more than one kid. Usually, each grade has a little different list, but there are always the basics too like pens, paper, etc.

I can hear the cash register adding all that up!

The date for the free giveaway is August 17th at three different locations. The hours are from 3-6 pm. The Backpacks will be a drive-through method of giving them away, and it is one per child

Your child will get what is needed to start a school year off.

The drive-through locations are:
161 Main Street, Dalton (Berkshire Money Management)
75 South Church Street, Pittsfield (Eagle parking)
141 West Avenue, Gr. Barrington (Family Resource Centers)

Each child will receive a backpack which may include,
Pencils & pens, pencil sharpener, safe scissors, highlighter
notebook, glue stick, crayons, ruler.

The giveaway is while supplies last and one per child.
I would plan on getting there early!
This is a free giveaway of school products.

Please everyone remember to be courteous and nice!

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