City councilor Robert Moulton Jr called Black Lives Matter a terrorist group on his public access show and said he didn't understand systemic racism is getting plenty of pushback on social media.

I reports he also downplayed the novel coronavirus pandemic that's killed more than 140,000 Americans and more than 600,000 worldwide as miniscule and overblown.

Robert Moulton Jr. was speaking on his long-running show "Let's Talk About It" on Northern Berkshire Community Television that aired live on Tuesday night with guest co-host Edward Morandi.


Shortly after the show aired, his fellow Councilors Jason LaForest and Benjamin Lamb posted their support for Black Lives Matter on their Facebook feeds.

"Call me a moron. Call me a phony. Call me a 'snowflake' or some other immature catch phrase. Call me whatever you so choose. It doesn't matter. You know what does? Black Lives Matter," wrote Lamb.

Benjamin Lamb -


LaForest said, "There is no room for uninformed and hate-filled rhetoric in our society and public discourse. In 2020, we continue to shout 'BLACK LIVES MATTER!'"

Jason M. LaForest -


Moulton also described the COVID-19 pandemic as "miniscule," trying to relate the number of cases in the United States to a few grains out of a five-pound bag of sugar.

Moulton also made the remark that he was disappointed in Gov. Charlie Baker, who has gotten high marks for his handling of the pandemic, and called New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo "the biggest killer."

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