Have you heard about the new petition being launched by Heinz Ketchup to right one of the great injustices of this world? And the question I have is why didn't anyone do this sooner?

Heinz Ketchup is launching a petition called the Heinz Hot Dog Pact and it's calling for an equal number of hot dogs and hot dog buns in their respective packages. We've all come upon this problem at one time or another. You're holding a summer barbecue or cookout and you're always left with a couple of hot dogs but no bun to put them in.

There is ALWAYS a mismatch between dogs and buns. There are typically two more hot dogs in an average package than there are buns. Heinz thinks it's time for that discrepancy to end. To that end, they've started an online campaign urging businesses to get the number of hot dogs and buns in a package to match.

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MassLive reports that the reason behind the problem comes from how they're manufactured. Hot dogs are sold by weight. 10 to the pound. Hot dog buns fit better in the factory in groups of four. That leaves you with 10 hot dogs and 8 hot dog buns. Not a good ratio.

The Heinz petition has a goal of gathering 25,000 signatures. At last check, they had almost 18,000 people who had joined the fight. Although Heinz doesn't manufacture hot dogs or buns, they are one of the biggest condiment manufacturers in the world. Heinz produces ketchup, yellow mustard, relish, barbecue sauce, and more.

If you'd like to sign the online petition, go here. If you'd like more info on the story, visit MassLive's website here.

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