Through their Facebook page the North Adams Police are letting residents know that they are on the case cleaning up the streets and locking up the bad guys.  Today’s post gives an overview of the number of drugs they have been successful in seizing since July 1st.  North Adams Police with the help of the Berkshire County Drug Task Force has made 14 arrests and has taken close to $40,000 dollars’ worth of drugs off the street.  In addition to the perps and the drugs, 8 illegal weapons and $16,622 dollars in cash have also seized.

Heroin, fentanyl, cocaine, and oxycodone continues to be a wide spread issue in Western Mass.

On Monday State Police and local Police in Springfield, Holyoke and Westfield arrested 5 perps and seized over 94,000 bags of heroin, firearms and $120,000 dollars in cash.

With the legalization of weed allows for law enforcement to concentrate on stopping the bad guys (and girls) from hooking our friends and family members from the addiction of destructive hard drugs.

The post from on the North Adams Police Department Facebook page is below...

Since July 1, 2020 the North Adams Police Department with assistance from the Berkshire County Drug Task Force and surrounding law enforcement agencies has conducted numerous investigations some of which resulted in the execution of search warrants within the city. As a result of these investigations the North Adams Police Department has seized the following:

Arrests: 14

Drug seized:

Heroin: 4,128 bags (Approximate Street Value $24,768.00 - $33,024.00)

Crack Cocaine: 76.9 grams (Approximate Street Value $7,690.00)

Oxycodone Pills: 18 (Approximate Street Value $540.00)

Adderall Pills: 12 (Approximate Street Value $360.00)

Illegally Possessed Weapons Seized: 8

Currency Seized: $16,622.00

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