According to an article posted to, North Adams is preparing to launch a new website for the city.  The current website is more than 10-years old and has not received many updates since.

The new site according to is expected to launch on Monday, August, 24th.  Quoting the city’s Chief Information Officer Mark Pierson from the post… "The current city website has a lot of shortcomings. First and foremost is security. The site is very vulnerable, it is hard to navigate, it is not modern at all. You cannot resize this for a tablet, a phone, it's very clumsy."

Pierson continued..."We have to get outside help to anything with the front page and oftentimes the site crashes, leaving the site down for most of the day."

Some of the features that will benefit North Adams residents include; meeting and notices, payment center, contacts, community calendar and special informational links to information about Covid-19 updates,

The site was created by Revize of Troy, Michigan.  The company according to the post redesigned Pittsfield’s website back in 2017.  The price tag for the site was just over $20,000 and includes support for 1-year.  Annual maintenance and support will cost $2,400 per year starting the second year of the deal.

The site was authorized last August and was expected to launch this past March but like with many projects, the pandemic caused a delay.

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