Here's something interesting that I'm sure will have much back-and-forth discussion. The Pittsfield Ordinance and Rules subcommittee will take up outdoor marijuana cultivation in residential zones once members can meet in person.

According to a story on, the subcommittee voted to table an agenda item Wednesday that would restrict marijuana cultivation in residential zones until meetings can be opened more fully to the public.

Chairman Nicholas Caccamo said, "I think it is important that we can meet in person. If you attended the meetings before, there was a lot of community involvement and a lot of neighborhoods are involved in this."

In case you haven't been following the story, back in February, the Community Development Board acted on a petition from Councilor at Large Earl Persip III who wanted to restrict outdoor marijuana cultivation in residential areas.

The board looked at several different zoning scenarios, but as restrictions began increasing, cultivation was pushed farther out from the city center and the board was hesitant to all but eliminate outdoor cultivation in certain zones.

The board compromised and recommended an amendment that would allow outdoor marijuana cultivation in residential districts as long as they are 500 feet away from homes.

Councilor Persip noted the pause will give them some time to see how the two approved outdoor cultivators work out and affect their neighborhoods.

For further information on this ongoing story, please check out's story on their website here.

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