Google has announced something that's pretty cool and long overdue. They announced Wednesday that they've installed a new policy that allows minors and their parents or caregivers to request their images be removed from the company's search results.

CNN reports that the new privacy policy allows parents, teenagers, and kids to have the ability to request to have pictures deleted from Google's image search results.

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Google announced back in August that the company would be taking many steps aiming to protect the privacy of minors, as well as their mental health, across its numerous platforms.

Those under the age of 18, or their parent or guardian, can ask Google to remove an image from appearing in search results simply by filling out a form. Google had this to say in a blog post:

We know that kids and teens have to navigate some unique challenges online, especially when a picture of them is unexpectedly available on the internet. We believe this change will help give young people more control over their digital footprint and where their images can be found on Search.

These changes come after Google, along with other tech companies, has faced massive criticism for their policies toward children. Google did say that this new tool is intended for cases in which the subject is under 18. Adults who wish material related to them be removed should seek alternate options.

Google has other planned policies to protect the privacy of minors including making video uploads private by default and blocking ads that target people based on their age, gender or interests if they're younger than 18.

For more on the story, visit CNN's website here.

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