Pittsfield High School was honored to announce the establishment of two, $100,000 scholarships for PHS graduating seniors from the Vincent R. Ruperto Trust. Mr. Ruperto, who passed away in March 2020, has established these scholarships in memory of his dear friend, former Pittsfield High School teacher Lambert “Mickey” McGinty.

Vincent Ruperto was the son of Vittorio Ruperto and Concetta (Morano) Ruperto, both of whom were born in Filadelfia, Italy, and immigrated to Pittsfield after World War I, in which Vittorio Ruperto was a decorated soldier in the Italian Army. Vincent owned and operated the Hilltop Variety Store, also known as “Vinny’s”, on upper North Street for many years, after completing his service in the United States Army.

Over the years, Mr. Ruperto became close friends with Lambert “Mickey” McGinty and his wife, Carol. Mr. McGinty, who passed away in 2015, was a beloved accounting teacher at PHS for thirty years, during which time he was known for having both high standards and unlimited compassion for his students. Shortly before his passing, Mr. Ruperto decided to honor his life-long friend with a scholarship in his name, as well as providing a second scholarship to PHS for deserving students.

As a result of Mr. Ruperto’s generosity, the Pittsfield School Committee has approved the creation of the following scholarships: The Lambert “Mickey” McGinty Memorial Scholarship and the Vincent R. Ruperto Family Memorial Scholarship, both with endowments of $100,000 each.

As Mr. Ruperto did not leave any specific instructions as to the criteria or distribution amounts for these scholarships, these will be determined by the Pittsfield High School Scholarship Committee. Mr. Ruperto and Mr. McGinty contributed so much to the youth of Pittsfield during their lifetimes, and the Pittsfield Public Schools and Pittsfield High School are honored that the legacies of these two friends and life-long Pittsfield residents will be honored through these two scholarships for many years to come.

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