Pittsfield voters are going to the polls today as the city holds its municipal election, and there are some important decisions to be made. Voters are electing a new city council and a new school committee. It's shaping up to be interesting.

3 ward races are unopposed today...

Kenneth Warren and Andrea Wilson are running for the Ward 1 seat where Helen Moon has decided not to run for another term. Kevin Morandi is not seeking re-election in Ward 2 where Matthew Kudlate and Charles Kronick are running. In Ward 3, where Nicholas Caccamo is not running for re-election, Keven Sherman is running unopposed. In Ward 4, James Conant and Andrew Wrinn are running. Chris Connell decided to not seek another term. In Ward 5, Patrick Kavey is running unopposed for re-election. In Ward 6, Edward Carmel will try to unseat incumbent Dina Guiel Lampiasi. And in Ward 7, Anthony Maffuccio is running for re-election without challenge. 

2 challengers look to unseat At-large incumbents...

In the race for the city's four At-Large seats, there are six candidates running. All four current At-Large members are running for re-election along with two challengers. On the ballot are incumbents Peter Marchetti, Peter White, Yuki Cohen, and Earl Persip III, as well as two challengers, Karen Kalinowski and Craig Benoit, who are looking to steal one of the four seats away from the incumbents. 

8 running for six school committee seats...

You will see 10 names on the ballot for Pittsfield School Committee, but there are only eight candidates running for the six available seats. William Cameron, Mark Brazeau, Alison McGee, and Daniel Elias are all running for re-election, while Vicky Smith, former Mayor Sarah Hathaway, Karen Reis Kaveney Murray, and William Tyer are also running. Nyanna Slaughter and Kate Lauzon are listed on the ballot, but both said that they are not running.  

Michelle Benjamin is running unopposed for City Clerk.

The polls in Pittsfield will be open from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.  

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Where do I vote? Here are the polling locations:

  • Ward 1, Precinct A: Reid Middle School, 950 North St.
  • Ward 1, Precinct B: Reid Middle School, 950 North St.
  • Ward 2, Precinct A: Morningside Community School, 100 Burbank St.
  • Ward 2, Precinct B: Somerset Fire Station, Somerset Ave.
  • Ward 3, Precinct A: Providence Court, 379 East St.
  • Ward 3, Precinct B: Egremont Elementary School, 84 Egremont Ave.
  • Ward 4, Precinct A: Herberg Middle School, 501 Pomeroy Ave.
  • Ward 4, Precinct B: Williams School, 50 Bushey Road
  • Ward 5, Precinct A: Berkshire Athenaeum, 1 Wendell Ave.
  • Ward 5, Precinct B: Berkshire Athenaeum, 1 Wendell Ave.
  • Ward 6, Precinct A: Columbus Arms Housing, 65 Columbus Ave.
  • Ward 6, Precinct B: Conte Community School, 200 W. Union St.
  • Ward 7, Precinct A: Fire Station, 54 Peck's Road
  • Ward 7, Precinct B: Capeless Elementary School, 86 Brooks Ave.

The Polls in Pittsfield are open 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM.

A historic race in North Adams today...

The City of North Adams today will elect its first-ever woman mayor. Vying for that coveted office are Jennifer Macksey and Lynette Bond. Mayor Tom Bernard is not seeking reelection. There are 14 candidates running for the cities 9 at large city council seats. Voters in North Adams are also electing school committees today.

You can tune in for election updates tonight leading up to when the polls close and unofficial results when they come in. We will also have full coverage of all the races on Wednesday morning in the news.

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