So Last night Scott asked for a peanut, banana, and to top it all off mayo sandwich. which I have no desire to ever try, this coming from a person that has some strange combos. me, on the other hand, I like to get a can of Spaghetti-O's, I guess this is the weird part, like them cold so I put them in the fridge. But I bet You have tried some really weird combos too.

What's the weirdest food your family made for you as a kid, and you thought it was totally normal? Well, we have got some real doozies here.
and I have to say the people ere posted the weird foods on tik tok

Ok, cold peas and mayo sound half ok the thing that makes it weird is adding sugar mixed together as a side dish at dinner.

This kinda sounds like a tuna salad. One person wrote mac-and-cheese with peas and tuna mixed in was their mom's go-to lunch. There must be something to it cause this person says now they make it for their own kid all the time.

Think of it as a meat Pate? Someone's parents would put leftover pot roast in a food processor, mix it with Miracle Whip and relish, and eat it on bread. They called it "Beef Salad."

I would try this but without the gravy, I can see peanut butter and bacon working for some reason, peanut butter and bacon on toast, topped with gravy.

You could clean out your fridge with this combo, cold spaghetti, lettuce, chicken croutons, and cheese, all topped with French dressing. That one was called "President's Salad."

You put everything but the kitchen sink in your soup. A woman's grandmother made something called "Damn If I Know Soup." The recipe always changed, because she only made it when she had to clean out her fridge.

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