The North Adams city council heard a proposal to narrow car lanes, widen sidewalks. And ad more planters and pavers Tuesday.

The Berkshire Eagle reports that the City Council members heard the proposal during a presentation on the Eagle Street Woonerf Feasibility Study.

Wondering what a woonerf looks like? Here are a couple of photos so you can get an idea of what they look like and how they are used.

 The word woonerf, of Dutch origin, literally translates as "living yard" or "residential grounds".

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photo from Wikipedia

Some of what is under consideration are improving the landscaping and planting and using measures to slow the passage of cars through the corridor.

Other considerations are making room on the sidewalks for more outdoor dining, a gateway appearance at the entry point from the Center Street parking lot, rotating food trucks and adding a pocket park next to Adams Community Bank.

 Redesigning Eagle Street has been discussed as an issue in the city since the early 1920s.

The Eagle Street study is being conducted at the request of the city and paid for using Community Development Block Grant funding.