I know everyone hoped that the covid cases would go down, that is not what is happening. As of Monday, there were 101 new COVID-19 cases confirmed in Berkshire County since Friday, for a seven-day rolling average of 30 new daily cases.

That is a 61 percent increase from two weeks ago. Last week we were at 40% Berkshire Health Systems had 12 hospitalized patients with positive COVID-19 tests as of Monday. There were no new deaths reported in the county Monday, leaving the total pandemic loss at 303.

There were 4,081 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases across Massachusetts in the three days since Friday. The state had 603 hospitalized patients on Monday, with 10 new deaths reported. To date, 17,857 people in Massachusetts have died of COVID-19.

In the state of Massachusetts here are the number of folks who are now vaccinated


In Berkshire County, Massachusetts, 67,959 people (54.4%) have received at least one dose and 59,814 (47.9%) are fully vaccinated. Anybody who is at least 12 years old is eligible to be vaccinated. Fewer than 0.001% of people who have received a dose experienced a severe adverse reaction


We are at medium for vulnerability level.

The Baker administration today is seeking permission to impose a mask mandate for all staff and kids age 5 and older enrolled in state-licensed pre-kindergarten, after school and other early education programs.

The Statehouse News Service reports that the policy would look similar to what Education Commissioner Jeff Riley rolled out last week for students, faculty and staff in K-12 public schools.

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