Is it my imagination or do a lot of accidents happen on Housatonic street? Should traffic lights go up  Gale Avenue and West Housatonic, or should they be put in other locations on West Housatonic? You can leave comments on the bottom of this post, love to hear from you!

Pittsfield Police were on the scene of a single car roll-over accident on West Housatonic Street near Clapp Park in Pittsfield last night. The roadway was blocked from Henry Ave to South Merriam. According to the department's Twitter page, two occupants of the vehicle were uninjured. The accident remains under investigation.

Pittsfield Police Twitter
Pittsfield Police Twitter

45656020995/photo/1Pittsfield PD handling a single car roll over accident, West Housatonic at Clapp Park. Roadway blocked from Henry Ave to South Merriam. Please use alternate route (Lt. Jeffrey Bradford)


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