Spoiler alert: None of us won the $451 million jackpot. You should check the numbers, which were 28, 30, 39, 59 and 70, and a gold Mega ball of 10 because you may have won something, at least. For one Massachusetts resident, it will be a little bit more than that.

It is, however, a very happy to start to 2018 for a single winner in Florida who hit them all according to the Mega Millions website. That lucky person will take home the fourth biggest jackpot in the 15-year history of Mega Millions. It is a cold hard cash winnings at the end of the day of $281.1 million. Not too shabby.

There were also eight Match 5 winning tickets across the country, including one from Massachusetts. If you are reading this, you may have won $1 million, so check your tickets.

The Mega Millions will return on Tuesday with a $40 million jackpot. However, there is still a $570 million Powerball drawing coming up tonight. Good luck!

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