An employee at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield reportedly has led to an outbreak of 36 COVID-19 cases within the hospital.  According to an article at, the president and CEO of Baystate Health Dr. Mark Keroack, said the outbreak appears to be related to an employee returning to work after visiting a hot-spot state for COVID-19.

An extensive review of the situation reviled that part of the outbreak was caused by staffers who removed their masks when they were gathered in break rooms.  According to the report 23 employees and 13 patients have tested positive.

The outbreak is believed to have taken place between July 15th and the 23rd.  Baystate is not releasing information on the specific hospital floor and location of the outbreak.  They are contacting all patients that were in the affected area during the breakout timeframe.   Any employee that entered the area for more than 15 minutes is also being tested.

According to Dr. Keroak, prior to this latest outbreak they were no documented transmissions of the coronavirus between patients and employees.  To prevent another outbreak caused by an undisciplined staffer, Baystate will require all Baystate Health employees to quarantine after traveling to a hot spot.

Baystate Health employs 12,000 with 6,000 staffers working at Baystate Medical Center.  Baystate Medical Center was just ranked as the 5th best hospital in Massachusetts by the U.S. News & World Report.  Ranked in front of Baystate were Lahey Hospital at 4…Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center at 3…Brigham and Woman’s Hospital at 2 and Mass General ranked at number 1.


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