21% of Americans prefer their steak well done, according to a new poll. Medium-well is next with 20% of the vote. Then medium at 16%. Here are five more quick stats from the survey from the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff.

Three out of 10 people are planning to attend a cookout this weekend. We do it six times a summer, on average. And July 4th is the most popular day for it.

57% of us think steak tastes better on a grill than in a pan or in a smoker. And 60% feel confident in our ability to cook a good steak.

The T-bone is our favorite cut, followed by porterhouse, ribeye, and filet mignon.

43% of us think plain old salt and pepper are the best seasonings for steak. But 44% also like to use a marinade.

Our favorite side when we're eating a steak is a baked potato.

72 Point U.S./Youtube

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