Some of us packed on a few pounds this past year we called it everything from the corona 15 to pandemic pounds and covid 19. Luckily, losing weight. or at least not gaining anymore is also possible. Here are four sneaky things that contribute to weight gain. So Hopefully these tips will help us out.

It is not all about the calories, focusing too much on "calories in, calories out. The types of foods matter too. A diet that's heavy in processed food will cause your blood sugar to spike and make you feel hungry all the time.

what are you putting in your mouth for snacks? Hopefully, it is not all unhealthy stuff. There are healthy snacks too, like nuts. They've got a lot more nutrition going on than what you get from a donut, or a bag or chips. Remember, not every snack has to be your favorite thing in the world to eat.

Eating vegetables, but the wrong kind. We are into the summer months and there are alot of fresh veggies you can snack just try not to lean on starchy vegetables as much, like potatoes and you wouldn't think but peas are starchy too. Non-starchy things like broccoli, oh I so love brussels sprouts, carrots, and mushrooms do a better job of making you feel full longer.

Get up! Too much sitting around. The American Heart Association says we need at least two hours and 30 minutes of moderate exercise a week. For example, a 30-minute brisk walk, five times a week.

If you have more tips share them with us.

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