There are a lot of reasons to download the Whoopee APP.  You can Listen Live, sign up for contests, get the latest news and local information and a whole lot more.

If you do a lot of traveling the best way to listen to Whoopee is by streaming the station through the WUPE APP.  The “Listen Live” arrow icon at the top right of the APP allows you to stream the station from anywhere in the country and beyond without it ever fading out.  There is also a “Listen Live” button on the navigation (nav) bar on the APP. The music quality sounds amazing tapped into your car’s Bluetooth system or any Bluetooth speaker in your house.  Stick in your ear buds and enjoy great audio stimulation while mowing your lawn or walking the pooch.

WUPE (actual station call letters) broadcasts over terrestrial radio on three different frequencies.  In North Adams on 103.3…in the Pittsfield area on 101.1 and on the AM dial at 1110.  You’ve probably experienced the station fading out as you drive from one end of the Berkshires to another.  The Listen Live feature on the Whoopee APP eliminates that issue and the sound quality is amazing.

Not only does the APP deliver great quality music anywhere, with the WUPE APP you will be stay in touch with what is happening in the Berkshires.  Everything from breaking news stories, the arts, entertainment, dinning, sports and local events.  All locally driven content about the place we call home…the Berkshires.

Lots of other great features will give you easy access like; bidding on items using your phone during the Great Radio Action, a chance to sign up for Whoopee contests, check out our Virtual Job Fairs and Virtual Home Shows from the palm of your hand.  Right now if you are in a local band you can sign up to perform at Noel Field in North Adams for Whoopee’s Party in the Park concert series.

There are many other features that are a quick click away on the APP.  The Whoopee APP is easy to download.

Go to the APP Store or Google Play and do a search for “WUPE.”  Hit “download” and start enjoying your favorite classic hits!  If you like to stay in touch with the latest news and happenings in the Berkshires, be sure to sign up for “Text Alerts” that will keep you up to date.  And the price is right.  The WUPE APP is free to download!


Key Features:
• Listen to WUPE anytime, anywhere, right from the app
• Push notification for breaking news, weather, contests, shows and more
• Stream music, weather and traffic updates live from WUPE
• Read the latest news, watch videos, view photo galleries & listen to audio content
• Submit Photos/Videos directly from the app
• Apple CarPlay & Android Auto modes allow you to stay focused on the road while listening
• Get the latest weather for your area plus a 5 day forecast
• Do not disturb modes for alerts (weekend and after hours)
• Save articles for reading later (supports offline viewing)
• Features full multi-tasking with background audio and controls
• Share the latest news via Facebook & Twitter
• Supports AirPlay feature for wireless streaming to your AirPlay-compatible device
• 3D Touch added for iOS Devices

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