We here in the Berkshires seem to be doing good as the Coronavirus is concerned, other places not so much.

An adjustment in numbers by the state Department of Public Health reduced the total of confirmed or probable cases of COVID-19 in Berkshire County by one on Wednesday, to 574.

The death toll held at 41. The number of confirmed and probable deaths statewide rose by 46 to 7,454, while the number of cases in the state climbed by 267 to 104,156.

Looks Like Some States Jumped to Fast to Get things Back open.

It is being reported by Washington Post  Nine states report a significant uptick in coronavirus hospitalizations after Memorial Day.

Yahoo news /John Hopkins University

In Texas, Florida, North and South Carolina, California, Oregon, Arkansas, Mississippi, Utah and Arizona, there is an increasing number of patients under supervised care since the holiday weekend because of coronavirus infections.

Yahoo News is reporting,  that according to tracking from Johns Hopkins University, the United States has had more than 1.9 million positive cases of the coronavirus and 112,000 deaths, the highest reported in either category of any country in the world. Neither the CDC nor FEMA responded to immediate requests for comment.

NBC News


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READ MORE: Inspiring Stories From the Coronavirus Pandemic