How do people feel about the new Berkshire Flyer train? It seems like people who are coming to the Berkshires are saying the number one thing they want is more times so they can leave later and enjoy more of the Berkshires. Some other folks complained about spotty Wi-Fi and the same with cellphone service.

Service started back on July 8th in a trial run that continues until Sept. 4th and is scheduled to resume for the 2023 summer season.

At this time, the Flyer has service running once a week from New York City to Pittsfield.

There are stops along the way to Pittsfield. Those stops are in Poughkeepsie and Albany. The Berkshire flyer returns to New York at 3 p.m. on Sunday afternoons.

Berkshire Flyer Train - Amtrak -
Berkshire Flyer Train - Amtrak -

The Berkshire Eagle reports that Eddie Sporn, the owner of Robin Road Consulting, speaking on behalf of the Flyer, said:

Operators are aware of the concerns, but the train has to honor its terms with Amtrak. That means there won’t be more options for its schedule until next year at the earliest.

Particularly on Friday, we know the train is coming in too late, but that’s the hand we were dealt.

I am curious, are locals here in the Berkshires taking advantage of the Berkshire flyer? If you have, shoot me an email and tell me how your trip on the flyer was, you can email me.

I guess one thing that we have to remember is that these are trial runs at this point. Hopefully, they will take input from the riders of the Berkshire Flyer to make it better including more service to our area.

FYI, booking your trip as early as you can helps out, every weekend has sold out on the Flyer.

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