Alright, Berkshire County: Who doesn't love Girl Scout cookies? Well, obviously people who don't like cookies. But seriously, if you're a cookie connoisseur, there has GOT to be a Girl Scout cookie(or several) to satisfy your tastebuds.

My lifelong love affair with peanut butter has pretty much guaranteed an obsession with both Do-si-dos and Tagalongs. Growing up, I remember my mom's favorite Girl Scout cookies were the Thin Mints and that meant they were my favorite as well.

The truth is that I don't think there was one that I didn't like. Trefoils (yum...shortbread), Samoas, Smores, the list goes on. I admit that I have not tried the latest Girl Scout concoction yet, Raspberry Rally cookies.

Do you have a favorite? And how does your favorite compare with the rest of the Commonwealth? Finally, the dust has settled, and thanks to the folks at Sell Easy, the secure media platform for helping you sell your life insurance and determining its worth, we now know Massachusetts' favorite Girl Scout cookie!

The team at Sell Easy, with help from Google Trends data, analyzed the search volume of each and every Girl Scout cookie flavor for each state. The most popular cookie overall? That would be the Tagalongs with 12 states giving it the top spot.

The second-most popular Girl Scout cookie overall is Samoas with seven states selecting it as their favorite. The big news is that the newest Girl Scout cookie, the Raspberry Rally, is already the third favorite in the country!

So what is Massachusetts' favorite? Here's a hint: It's not one of the top 3. It's one of my all-time favorites, though. It's that peanut butter sandwich cookie classic, the Do-si-do! Check out the full study on Sell Easy's website here.

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