If you're worried about wearing a face mask in the hot sweaty summer heat, here are some tips to make it more bearable.

Choose the right fabric.  A lighter, breathable material like cotton will keep your face cooler than a mask made from synthetic materials.

Time your trips to beat the heat.  Avoid going out during the hottest parts of the day if you can.  And if you have to be outside, an ice pack or damp cloth on your neck can help you cool off just don't get your mask wet.

Skip the makeup.  Heat and sweat mixed with makeup and oily skincare products can leave a sticky mess under your mask.  According to one dermatologist, just using moisturizer or sunscreen under your mask is your best bet.

Keep it dry.  If your mask gets damp due to breathing and sweating it can make it less effective at filtering particles.

Bring a spare.  If you can't keep your face mask from getting damp throughout the day, always have some spare ones on hand to swap it out.

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