Anyone with glasses like myself knows this problem by now.  When you're wearing a face mask, they tend to fog up really easily.

Sometimes it's every time you take a breath.  So here are four quick tips that might help.

Make sure your mask is as tight as possible across the top.  The root of the issue is warm air escaping through the top of the mask.  So try that first.

Wash your lenses with soapy water.  The fogging up also happens to surgeons when they wear glasses with medical masks.  And that's one way they deal with it.  A study in 2011 found it works pretty well.

Add a folded tissue inside the top of your mask.  Fold it a few times, and put it right between your mask and the bridge of your nose.  It helps absorb the moisture and should lower the amount of condensation that ends up on your lenses.

Fold the very top of the mask inward.  It only works with masks that don't have a form-fitting metal piece for your nose.  It creates extra space for your breath to escape before it hits your glasses.  The drawback is there's less of a seal that way.

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