With the current attempt by some in power to disrupt and derail the United States Post Office is leaving citizens concerned about voting by mail.  The Mass Secretary of State William Galvin reminds residents of Mass that they can track their mail-in ballot on-line.

The Track My Ballot link is available at the Secretary of State website.  The Track My Ballot link will help eliminate the frustration and anxiety of whether your ballot was received.  Because of the pandemic and its unknown severity of the spread in Massachusetts around November 3rd, election day, voters are seeking alternatives to voting at their polling locations.

Officials are encouraging voters who want to vote by mail to apply for a ballot as soon as possible. Because of the reported threat of the government purposely slowing down the effectiveness of the USPS, Galvin wants to make sure voters also know they can deliver their ballot to their local election office in person.

Here is what you need to know if you would like to vote by mail…

1-You must request your mail-in ballot with a mail in ballot application.

2-You must fill out the application completely.

3-You must submit the requested ballot to your local election office as soon as possible (deadline is Wednesday October 28th at 5:00 pm).  However, if you wait to the deadline that only gives you 6-days to receive it, fill it out and mail it to be received by election day on Tuesday, November 3rd.

4-When you receive your ballot, follow all the directions to the T to complete it and return it.

Prepare your voting strategy right now.  A plan A, B and C is advisable as there have been reports as early as yesterday of at least a dozen mail sorting machines have already been removed from Massachusetts post offices according to a postal union official.   They also report that mail boxes have been removed from some Mass town and city streets.

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