Two Businesses on the campus of Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art won't be open after closing at the beginning of the novel coronavirus pandemic. reports that Interim Director Tracy Moore informed the Mass MoCA Commission last week that Gramercy Bistro and Cynthia-Reeves gallery have closed.


Moore said,

"We did lose a couple of tenants in the in the COVID months of the spring,"

Reeves had operated her contemporary art gallery on the campus for several years and Gramercy Bistro, with chef Alexander "Sandy" Smith moved to the museum a decade ago after nine years on Marshall Street.

Reeves had been contemplating a change, and the COVID situation really confirmed her thinking and so she parted ways with us around the July timeframe,

Moore said.

"Gramercy Bistro has also left our campus. They did not reopen with Phase 3 guidelines, again, had been contemplating a possible change, and did not reopen in the summer along with the rest of our campus so that space is vacant."

The gallery space already has a tenant, "an old dear friend of Mass MoCA Jane Eckert," she said. "[She] was excited at the opportunity to move in.

Eckert, had operated Eckert Fine Art in Kent, Conn., since the mid-1990s &  worked on the museum's fundraising team and was a member of the Director's Advisory Council.

Gramercy's space is currently being used for overflow for Lickety Split, but the museum has had some inquiries.

One that seemed serious with "a very intriguing concept" may be off the table since the chef is overseas at the moment.

Moore said the museum sees that the space Grammercy Bistro was in, as a key anchor that should be filled by a full-service restaurant.

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