Congratulations to Samantha Morin and Nicholas Kaiser on their appointment to the Adams Police Department.  Both were sworn in as members of the APD last night following the Selectmen voting to ratify both of their appointments to the department.

According to the post by the Adams Police Department on their Facebook page, Officer Morin is a recent graduate from the Municipal Police Training Committee Full-Time Police Academy and Officer Kaiser segues from the North Adams Police Department where he’s spent the last 10 years to his new role on the Adams Police Department.


We wish both officers well in their new roles in the town of Adams.  Stay safe out there!

The Adams Police Facebook post is below.  The photos posted here are also from the Adams Police Department FB post.

Subject: Full-Time Police Officer Appointments
Date: September 3, 2020

Yesterday evening at the Selectmen’s Meeting, the board voted to ratify the appointment of both Nicholas Kaiser and Samantha Morin to the position of full-time Police Officers.

Officer Kaiser is transferring from the North Adams Police Department where he worked for 10 years assigned to their patrol division. Officer Kaiser has a great amount of training and experience that he brings with him to our department. Officer Kaiser is eager to start working and being proactive in both patrol procedures and our community policing efforts.

Officer Morin is a recent graduate of the Municipal Police Training Committee Full-Time Police Academy and has experience as a member of the Massachusetts Army National Guard - Military Police Corps. Officer Morin brings an energetic and eager attitude to the department. She is ready to get to know the community and learn the elements of policing through our Field Training Program.

We are excited to have both Officer Kaiser and Officer Morin added to the ranks of our department. We welcome them and their families, and thank the Town of Adams and Board of Selectmen for their continued support to our department.

-Adams Police Department

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