The Sarasota medical examiner has been called to the scene, as have human remains detecting dogs.

This comes after police found clothing and several personal belongings of to Brian Laundrie inside the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park today,it is being reported that officials have found out that Brian's supposed backpack was found at the site, Wednesday, Brian Laundrie’s parents visited the park to examine the items.

The attorney for the family made a statement, which was very short, After a "brief search" off a trail Laundrie frequented, the family and law enforcement found "some articles" belonging to him.

He would not give any further information on what or how many items were found.

Courtesy of WFLA
The media including different news services are reporting that partial human remains were found at the site where some personal effects of Laundries were found. I was watching tv and noticed that authorities had put up a tent to block any media from seeing what they had found.

WFLA is reporting that another mobile command center, at this point it two different command center units are there now there and also the coroner also cadaver dogs were back out there today.

The Park that was opened back up to the public a few days back now North Port police have blocked entrances to the park at the center of the search.

The FBI is saying only that items of interest have been found.

We will keep you updated.

**** The FBI has said that this will take a few days to get all the answers, there were also protestors at the meeting with the FBI, who were chanting," justice for gabby" . the only thing really new learned was that he did have a notebook that was found at the site by Brian Laundrie.

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