Volvo will be recalling almost 195,000 motor vehicles with model years 2001-2007 due to an exploding airbag risk.

The Associated Press reports that Volvo is recalling more vehicles in the United States because the airbag on the front driver's side could explode and spray shrapnel into the interior.

According to the recall, Volvo is aware of at least one incident in which a driver was killed by a ruptured airbag. This is Volvo's third safety recall in the U.S. for the issue with airbag inflators made by supplier ZF/TRW.

This airbag recall may sound familiar to the multitude of airbag inflators that were recalled by bankrupt Japanese airbag maker Takata, however, the airbags utilized by Volvo were from a different supplier.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there have been 19 people confirmed dead from exploding Takata airbag inflators. In addition, at least another 400 people were injured.

So far, Volvo has recalled more than half a million vehicles worldwide. There was a recall from November of last year and there was a second recall from earlier this month for almost 260,000 vehicles for the same issue.

To find out if your vehicle has been recalled in the United States, visit the official site of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The number for this recall is R10136.

Volvo said that it will contact owners of all the recalled cars and tell them how to get the vehicles repaired or Volvo will replace the driver-side airbag of affected vehicles at no charge. Owners in this latest recall will be notified by mail starting December 14.

For more on the story, check AP's website here.

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