Bill Belichick is a man of few words during post-game press conferences and the same can be said for a new Subway ad set to start airing nationwide.

The spot features Coach Belichick encountering a man in a suit on the sidewalk holding what appears to be a box of chicken wings.  A quick stare of disappointment by Belichick followed by him saying ‘Really?” causes the suited one to toss the box of wings saying “you’re right” followed by “I should get a delicious footlong from Subway.  That would be better.”

After taking a pair of scissors and cutting the man suit to match the coach’s signature sleeve-less hoodie, Bill responds with his other line “Now you look better, too.”

From reports the Subway spot was filmed in July in Branford Connecticut.  The Subway headquarters is located in Milford Connecticut.

Marketing products is not in the comfort zone of Coach Belichick and the lack of Bill as a pitch-man for other products brings a great deal of credibility to the Subway brand.  Most of the other appearances in TV ads have been centered around sports programming and not specific products.

The Bill Belichick Foundation has recently partnered with Subway and the foundation will benefit from the partnership from contributions that will go towards providing resources to young athletes and programs.

Coach Belichick is getting ready for the first season without Tom Brady.  The kickoff to the Patriots season is next Sunday, September 13th against the Dolphins at Gillette Stadium.  Belichick has not yet named the starting quarterback to start the season but many feel it will be the newly acquired Cam Newton who the Pats signed to a 1-year deal over the summer.

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