A Boston-based company is expected to roll out a vending machine that dispenses weed products this December in Massachusetts.  Anna is the name of the vending machine by Company Frost headed by Matthew Frost of Boston.

According to an article posted to masslive.com, Anna is launching this week in two Colorado dispensaries with plans to launch additional machines in Mass in September.  Frost expects to have 14 machines across Mass and Colorado in the next two months.  Additional states being targeted include Nevada, California as well as Canada according to masslive.com.

With the current trend of curbside pickup due to the pandemic, the weed vending concept seems to make a lot of sense in limiting contact between bud-tenders and the weed smoking/eating public.

Since customers cannot serve themselves, a customer would first register using the Anna APP.  When they visit the dispensary a bud-tender would scan their ID unlocking the machine.  Customers would then use the touch screen to scroll menu and make their selections and place an order.  The bud-tender would then verify the order was within purchase limits and then release the order for Anna to dispense.

Anna has the capability of accommodating weed products of all sizes including flower, edibles, CBD and other cannabis-based products that can be stored within Anna’s 8 square foot frame.

The marijuana business continues to grow (pun intended) and bring in millions of dollars in revenue and taxes dollars for the state and local communities in which the dispensaries operate.  According to masslive.com, Mass dispensaries topped $785 million in total sales since recreation weed sales became legal in November of 2018.  Even with the shutdown this year because of the pandemic, business has been good bringing in $320 million this year alone.

Probably not allowed by state law, but it would make sense to be able to access a vending machine next right to Anna to pick up a bag of chips, Twizzlers, a KitKat and a Mountain Dew to go with your Sour Diesel, Super Lemon Haze and Super Kush

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