I am definitely going to this, who wants to go with me? We live in an area that was affected by GE and their dumping of pollutants which in turn contaminated land and water in the towns here in the Berkshires.

Fall Springs is a World Premiere Musical from BSC’s acclaimed Musical Theatre Lab, August 9th through August 31st at the Boyd-Quinson Mainstage

With what is going on in the world with Fracking, this is a timely story, with a satirically funny side to it, but also really does give you something to think about.

From the creator of Pool Boy comes Fall Springs, an irreverent, funny and relevant new musical. The town of Fall Springs is cash-strapped but sits directly on top of America’s largest reserve of cosmetic essential oils. It has big dreams but at what cost? With new fracking techniques being recklessly implemented, the ground beneath Fall Springs is crumbling.

Streets are cracking and buckling. Road-signs, boulders, and the occasional bartender are being swallowed into the ground. And that is just the beginning.

Only Eloise Bradley, nerdy teenage existential wallflower geology-buff daughter of single parent Mayor Robert Bradley seems to notice that a great catastrophe is imminent.

But will she be able to persuade her father and fellow townsfolk of the environmental dangers and escape the town before it's too late?

Of course not.

Dramatic action sequences, parent/child angst, lost limbs, found souls, and a rocking, driving, passionate hook-filled score, Fall Springs takes the best of musical theatre and disaster films to forge a hilarious and heartfelt musical comedy about the consequences of pushing Nature too far and what happens when our routine lives become interrupted and we're forced to sacrifice to save what we love.

The Sound Cloud site for the musical Fall Springs. It's written by Niko Tsakalakos (Music/Lyrics) and Peter Sinn Nachtrieb (Book/Lyrics)

The show is exhilarating, refreshing, hilarious and moving all at once. –Ars Nova

Fall Springs features Alyse Alan Louis (Broadway's Amelie) as "Eloise Bradley," Matt McGrath (Lucille Lortel Award winner The Legend of Georgia McBride) as "Mayor Bradley," L.E. Barone (Dirty Blonde) as "Vera Mariposa," Sam Heldt (Diversionary Theatre's The Loneliest Girl in the World) as "Felix Cushman," Jorrel Javier (The Lightning Thief National Tour) as "Cooper Mitford," Felicia Finley (Broadway's The Wedding Singer) as "Veronica Mitford," Ken Marks (Broadway's Airline Highway) as "Noland Wolanske," Eliseo Román (Broadway's On Your Feet!) as "Roberto Mariposa " and Austen Danielle Bohmer.

Ellen Harvey (BSC's Company; Broadway's Present Laughter) will now play the role of "Beverly Cushman" in Fall Springs.

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