If you have a man in your life it seems that when they get sick with a cold or flu they turn into GIANT BABIES.  You know it goes kinda like this, Babe feel my forehead, can you get me more juice, and can you make some of your home made chicken soup another blanket too, and also get the remote. I will just lie here on the sofa in my flu coma, all that and more , you still have to take care of other things, like the kids, and chores

Well, according to a new study done by Live Science that's totally JUSTIFIED.

Researchers in Canada found that flu symptoms really DO hit men harder than they hit women.

Why?  They found that women's immune systems do a better job of fighting viruses and producing antibodies than men's . . . and it seems to be connected to their extra estrogen.

And this could all go back to evolutionary biology.  Early men needed to be bigger and stronger to survive . . . so it was more important for their bodies to produce extra testosterone and not bother with making enough estrogen to fight off viruses.