We are coming up on fair season here in the New England area, The Cummington Fair is coming up August 22-25, Three County Fair August 30 - September 2 at the Fairgrounds Northampton,  The Big E is coming up September 13th through the 29th in Springfield.

And a big pull at America's state fairs keep deep frying different foods, and we just keep on buying them.

Sure, we love all that fried goodness even though are bodies feel are arteries clogging up, we'll all be dead from epic heart attacks by age 47, but what a way to go.

Where can I find a funnel cake around here????


A new survey asked people what deep-fried foods they would want to try at a state fair.  And here are the results.

A couple of these I am still scratching my head trying to figure out how they fry them!

1.  Bacon, 47%, I would try it.

2.  Ice cream, 46%.

3.  Apple pie, 45%.

4.  Cookies, 42%.

5.  Banana, 38%.

6.  Cheesecake, 37%.

7.  Candy bars, 36%.

8.  Pickles, 35%.

9.  Butter, 16%.

10.  Soda, 15%.